Panel lifter panel lifter plasterboard assembly aid XXL

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Quick-to-install panel lifting device as an assembly aid for interior work and drywall construction. Lifts loads such as plasterboard, plasterboard, chipboard, wood, metal panels, ceiling paneling up to a weight of 68 kg for overhead installation or sloping roof installation and wall installation.

The two load arms can be extended up to 290 cm and have a width of 90 cm and are each equipped with two brackets. This practical ceiling mounting aid can be used e.g. B. can be used excellently as a holding helper in plasterboard drywall construction and expansion. Of course, the plate lifter can be completely dismantled and is delivered partially assembled.

Advantages at a glance:

• the panel lifter is ideal for working in the house
• precise installation of drywall panels and chipboard
• also for metal/MDF/wood panels or plasterboard on the walls and ceilings
• the panel lifter has a stable tripod base
• the panel lifter has a simple and lightweight 1-speed winch and brake
• the panel lifter has a tilting panel holder for sloping ceilings and walls
• the panel lifter can be stored to save space and is quickly assembled
• the panel lifter is absolutely maintenance-free and a long-lasting assembly aid

Working width can be extended up to 2. 90 m
working height adjustment from approx. 1.40 m to approx. 3.50 m
tilt angle 60°

Note on delivery:
The product is delivered in two packages. Both packages may not arrive at the same time on the same day.


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