Macerator Pump, 700W, 9600 L/h Flow, 32.8 ft/10 m Head

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About this item

  • Powerful Macerator Pump: The sewerage pump has a 700W copper motor for better performance and extended service life. The 32.8 ft max head and 9600 L/h max flow make it perfect for your basement sewage treatment system. It collects, treats, and discharges sewage from bathrooms without the need for extensive renovation projects.
  • Oiling to Withstand Hot Water: The motor is injected with oil to protect itself and withstand continuous 75℃ water or 4-hour 90℃ water. Our toilet pump for basements stands up to hotter water for a more extended time than anything on the market, making it more heat-resistant and durable.
  • Effective Antimicrobic Property: Don’t worry about odors after prolonged use! A specially designed silver ion water tank has an inhibition rate of up to 99% and effectively prevents the generation of odors. This toilet macerator pump is maintenance-free, allowing you to use it without a headache!
  • Designed Just for You: The dual water outlet design of our macerating pump makes installation a breeze and meets the high flow drainage needs. A built-in check valve prevents liquid backflow without needing an external check valve. It also features the latest sealing structure for better sealing performance.
  • Perfect Fit for Multiple Spaces: The toilet sewerage pump is compact for most shallow spaces and even can be perfectly installed behind a toilet. Three built-in water inlets provide sufficient capacity for various devices. It can be connected to the bathtub, shower, laundry, kitchen sink, or any other sink.


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