Electric Car Jack 5 Ton Car Jack Hydraulic

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    【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE】- Our automatic hydraulic jack can reach up to a maximum lifting weight of 5 tons (11000 pounds) and a lifting height range of 155 to 420 mm. And will automatically stop working after reaching the height limit. The self-locking deconstruction of the jack can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure vehicle and person security. Suitable for urban recreational vehicles (CRV), SUVs, Sedans, etc.

  • 【AUTOMATIC & LABOR SAVING】- Simple control panel is easy to operate. The electric hydraulic jack can lift the car to its maximum height as short as 1 min, more labor-saving than manual jacks. An electric impact wrench is included to remove the screws and quickly replace the tires. You can easily and quickly repair tires in an emergency, avoiding spending time waiting for a repair shop.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL TOOL BOX】 – The red triangle warning sign outside the hydraulic car jack box can be used as a warning road sign when repairing on the highway. The entire box parts are precisely inlaid, and the toolbox tools will not be misplaced. The toolbox ensures neat storage, easy to carry, and can be placed in the car or garage for your convenience.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】 – The copper motor drives to ensure good transmission performance: enlarged and sturdy baseplate, large contact area, and stress more uniform. The jack head uses a non-slip design: a cross-shaped groove plus particles protruding from the surface to increase friction. The electric floor jack adopts a fully enclosed structure, which is completely waterproof and does not leak oil to ensure safety during use.
  • 【OUTSTANDING DETAILS】 – The built-in LED light can run at night without any other lighting tools. The compact toolbox on the body’s side can store gas nozzles, fuses, hex wrenches, and other accessories. The two-way power supply (battery clip with 12V DC power socket or car cigarette lighter) allows getting power from the car battery. The built-in tire pump will inflate the tire quickly and get your work done.


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