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  • 15T Pulling Capacity: The 15T hydraulic gear puller ensures professional mechanical maintenance and disassembly work, with a maximum pulling size of 12″/ 304.8 mm. Ideal for various tasks such as machine maintenance, bearing, gear, pulley disassembly, railway/ship maintenance, and mining equipment maintenance.
  • Leak-Proof Design: The integrated casting oil cylinder and oil cover effectively prevent cracking and oil leakage. The thickened pump body with clear threads on the surface provides high torque and a maximum stroke of 2.2 inches / 55 mm, allowing for closer to the target object, enabling a shorter stroke and more efficient pulling process.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Operation: This gear puller allows horizontal and vertical pulling operations, making working on machine components facing different directions convenient. The included extended handle ensures more flexible and labor-saving operation.
  • Flexible Jaw Conversion: Easily switch between a two-jaw or a three-jaw wheel puller as needed. Two jaws provide stronger pulling force and quick extraction of small bearings and gears. (For operational stability, install the two claws diagonally.) The three-claw gear puller forms a triangular structure, providing more uniform tension, and is ideal for firmly grasping heavy and large components during disassembly.
  • Industrial-Grade Strength: The pump body is forged through high-temperature quenching, ensuring it remains sturdy even after long-term use, without deformation or bending. The finely processed jaws deliver stronger grip strength. The whole hydraulic pulley puller is crafted from industrial-grade steel with a high-quality rust and corrosion-resistant coating.


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