3 Stage Hand Stirrup Pump with High grade 301 stainless steel

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  • 3-Stage High-Pressure Pump: Our 3-stage PCP hand pump for air gun is a powerhouse that can easily reach up to 4500 PSI pressures. With each smooth stroke, this PCP pump compresses the maximum amount of air, allowing you to save approximately 30% of your energy compared to traditional manual pumps. Get the job done efficiently with less effort.
  • Built-in Oil Moisture Filter: Our PCP air gun pump comes equipped with a built-in oil-water filter that effectively filters moisture and over 90% of water content. It ensures that your PCP rifle is filled with dry, clean, high-pressure air and allows you to easily fill your scuba diving tank without introducing moisture. Say goodbye to damp air and enjoy the benefits of a dry and reliable air source.
  • Durability and Stability in One: Our PCP air rifle pump is crafted with an integrated stainless steel pump tube that resists rust. The thickened exterior ensures high reliability and long-lasting vibrant color. The comfortable rubber handle provides a secure grip, while the foldable enhances stability, making storage and transportation a breeze. Invest in quality and enjoy the durability and convenience our pump offers.
  • Clear Reading, Precise Measurement: Our high pressure hand pump boasts an accurate pressure gauge that ensures you always have the exact pressure at your fingertips, avoiding overfilling and creating a more secure working environment. A 0-6000 PSI measurement range and night vision functionality ensure you can read pressure levels even in dimly lit environments. Our gauge offers two measurement units catering to your reading habits.
  • Meet All Your Inflation Needs: Designed with PCP airguns in mind, our PCP hand pump ensures that your air rifle is always ready for action. Our PCP air pump can handle car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, kayaks, and soccer balls with ease. It makes maintaining proper tire pressure a breeze. Choose our versatile PCP hand pump and enjoy the convenience of a single pump for all your inflation needs.


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